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A lawyer's lawyer

Respected as a highly experienced "lawyer to lawyers," D. Culver "Skip" Smith III counsels and represents lawyers, law firms, and others in many situations in which legal ethics and professional responsibility come into play. These include:

  • ethics issues
  • bar grievances and professional-disciplinary proceedings
  • disqualification
  • sanctions
  • testifying expert on professional-responsibility issues and on fees
  • bar admission
  • unlicensed practice of law
  • malpractice claims
  • loss prevention
  • ethics audits
  • internal corporate investigations
  • continuing legal education

When lawyers are sued or receive notice of a bar grievance against them, they may feel frightened, angry, betrayed, or confused. They may be tempted to respond while driven by emotion—a move that can land them in more trouble.

This is a complex area in which black-letter ethics rules are nuanced by how they have evolved and have been interpreted over time. Skip Smith's keen insight into this field enables him to offer an in-depth understanding of lawyers' ethical and disciplinary issues and has enabled him successfully to guide many lawyers through these crises.

Skip has a thorough understanding of the workings of The Florida Bar's disciplinary system, having served on a grievance committee and as a member of the Bar's Board of Governors, the body that oversees Florida's lawyers under the authority of the Supreme Court of Florida. He also serves on The Florida Bar Professional Ethics Committee, the body that issues advisory ethics opinions to Florida lawyers, including two terms as Chairperson. His bar experience—coupled with his extensive history representing lawyers before The Florida Bar and the Court—enables him to provide comprehensive analysis of a broad array of legal-ethics situations and offer reasoned and well-grounded guidance and representation.

Appeals counsel, special magistrate, corporate investigator

In addition to his broad knowledge of legal ethics, Mr. Smith handles appeals in both state and federal courts. He has served as a special magistrate. His knowledge, experience, and credibility make him well-suited to conduct sensitive internal corporate investigations.

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